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Van Ply Lining and Shelving

Our van ply lining and shelving service is meticulously crafted to withstand the demands of daily use, providing protection to your vehicle’s interior while optimising storage space and organisation. We understand that your van is a crucial asset to your business, which is why we prioritise quality craftsmanship and durable materials in every aspect of our service.

At CAFCO, we believe in going beyond just meeting expectations – we aim to exceed them. That’s why we partner with industry-leading suppliers and employ skilled technicians to ensure that every installation is completed to the highest standards of excellence. 

Whether you’re looking to protect your van’s interior from wear and tear or optimise storage for, our team is dedicated to delivering solutions that stand the test of time.

Experience the difference with CAFCO Vehicle Solutions and invest in van ply lining and shelving services that prioritise quality and longevity. 

Transform your commercial vehicle into a durable and organised workspace.

Van Ply Lining and Shelving PHOTO GALERRY​