Sortimo Automanager

The office in your vehicleSortimo Automanager

Being on the road a lot, you know the problem; files, samples, notebook – everything has to be carried with you, from the car to the client and then back again. An elegant solution for this problem is the very practical Sortimo Automanager.

Securely lashed to the passenger seat and protected against theft, it is a companion you won’t to be without on your job assignments. With its extensible, rotating notebook table and large inner compartment you have a complete workstation on hand.

With the Automanager you are keeping everything under control with regard to passive safety. Your valuable notebook is well protected against theft and possible damage caused by a sudden impact.

Well thought out – up to the smallest detail

  1. The anti-theft device also makes it possible to fasten the Automanager to the seat or seatbelt by means of a steel rope.
  2. The Automanager can be safely locked.
  3. There is an Automanger with an electric connection through a spiral cable with a 12V universal plug available.
  4. The voltage transformer (available as an accessory) can be used to operate various connection adaptors, the printer and the laptops. The voltage transformer can be installed at the bottom of the Automanager. Please ask your laptop supplier for the appropriate voltage transformer (Please see the compatibility list by clicking on“Systemvoraussetzungen”).
  5. Self-adhesive feet safely hold the notebook on the worktop. The slots and CD compartments are not obscured.
  6. Small articles such as pens, paperclips, pocket calculator etc. can be accommodated properly and securely in the organizer pocket.
  7. Walking distances are no problem when using the optional transport trolley: carry the things you need with ease.
  8. Portable printers can be securely fastened to the floor of the Automanager using velcro strips.
  9. Two flexible bands fasten your paperwork on the lid of the Automanager.